Countdown to the First Slap

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Do a Slap Bet

Step 1: Come to an agreement on what the conditions are for winning the slap bet.

Step 2: Assign a slap bet commissioner.

Step 3:WIN! Then give out the slaps like your pimp.

(optional) Step 4: Now you may scare the F!@# out of the loser. This can and should be done via spamming Facebook, Myspace, E-mail, Texting, Calling, etc...

Note: A slap bet commissioner decides whether or not the win was valid, or if a slap was appropriate towards the slap bet count. When the slapper slaps the slapee (the loser) the slapee must not give any retaliation via physical contact. Verbal abuse is appropriate but because of some situations use of profanity is cautioned(church, funeral, movies, car accidents, hospital, daycare, bathroom, girlfriend's bed, in front of parents, library, in the closet, etc...) . If in the event that the slapper wants transfer his/her slaps to another person it would be up to to slap bet commissioner to decide if that action can be placed(transfered slaps can only be used on the original slappee)

Days are going DOWN.


62 days until the first slap. What I wish for you readers to do, is to text Tyler everyday and say how many days are left.

Here's a little convo I had with him :)

Apr. 12, 2010 9:57 p.m

Me: ""

Tyler: "Omg lol i dint think you would put it up ahaha"

Me: "63"

Tyler: "What 63 days hour what"

Me: "63"

Tyler: "Omg your just lucky you won"

10:17 pm

Me: "Don't worry, it'll all be quick and slightly painful :)"

Tyler: "Ahaha watch me win a slpa bet one day and ill get you back"

Me: "Sure."

Tyler: "Oh i am sure ahah"

Now, as you can see, Tyler is already showing a bit of insecurity and perfectly rational fear. However, take a look at what he has to say the next day (today).

Apr. 13, 2010 10:59 a.m

Me: "62"

Tyler: "Your gay lol"

He's obviously scared, so please, please, please, text him daily about how many days are left.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Story

So, if you're actually interested in how this whole thing came to be, just read a little bit more and finish the story.

On April 10, 2010, my friend Tyler and I were playing Speed, a card game that is very addictive. Unfortunately, I went on a 3 loss losing streak and I decided it was time to mess with his emotions.

"Whoever gets to 15 wins first, gets to slap the loser 3 times at anytime in our lifetime, but not however in inappropriate situations such as a funeral, car accident, etc."

Now, those weren't exactly the words I said, but it's fairly close. The 15 minutes we played those games were very long and incredibly scary, however, when I started to win, I had began to tease him by saying things like "I just feel the warmth of the slap that went across your face." Fortunately, those words did overcome his emotions, and I did of course, win.

After I won, I positioned my friend Kenton as the Slap Bet Commissioner, he'll basically judge or decide appropriate slaps and whether or not each slap attempted is valid to add to the slap count.

If you do actually continue to read these entries, I will continue to post current events such as close calls to slaps, etc.